The word Hier encapsulates the subtlety of our brand. In French, it means “yesterday”; In German it means “here”. To us, the essence of Hier is the fine-crafted bridge between both worlds - the past and present, tradition and trend.

The sentiment of yesterday meets the story of today

My vision from day 1 is to embody the meaning of Hier by inspiring modern creatives to celebrate the beauty of analogue, and rediscover a sense of ease within simplicity - the here and the now.

This is the cornerstone of our brand, to re-embrace the by hand process of a time bygone - handwritten snail mail, handmade cards and goods; to inspire busy people who are always on a far-flung fast-paced momentum to slow down, connect with themselves and each other on a more authentic level.

I hope you will join me in this slow-crafting journey!

Li Yi, Founder

A return to analogue with Hier Wax Seal

Let us revisit the bygone era where physicals and tangibles were the norm; where connections weren't fleeting; where letters were handwritten and pressed with a seal. Let us take a breather from the endless jabbers of screens, toward the stillness of the present.

But with a contemporary twist

A traditional wax seal in the best looking contemporary silhouette designed with modern aesthetic pleasure in mind. You can't find it anywhere else, but Hier.

Discover new ways to craft and play with wax seals- they don't only belong on an envelope.