Hier's Corporate Workshops

Embrace slowing down and finding solace in rediscovering
lost traditions and nostalgia with your team.

Team bonding can be more meaningful than simply gathering over a meal, yet less demanding than a competitive game of laser tag; it can be somewhere in between, with an element of mental wellness thrown into the equation

Corporate team bonding

Wax Sealing Workshop

team bonding workshop

Immerse in the craft of wax sealing - from wax melting, embellishing, to hand stamping- and create a framed masterpiece to bring home.

Min 8 pax | 2 hours | Customisable

  • Form genuine connections with your colleagues through quiet crafting and casual chatters, all while engaging in therapeutic art
  • Have a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of the digital world
  • Leave the workshop feeling more calm, and gaining greater clarity with renewed focus

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Corporate/Marketing activity

Revisit the bygone era where letters were handwritten and sealed with the warmth of wax; disconnect from the endless jabbers of screens and emails, and re-experience the sheer joy of snail mailing.

4 hours session | Customisable

  • Lunch-time/fringe activity suitable for a big crowd
  • Encourage genuine and tangible connection through handwritten words
  • Actual mailing to recipient will be taken care of by us

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Re-experience Analogue

Letter Writing & Snail Mailing